A very free and creative childhood, an admittedly obsessive itch to pursue the untapped, and my exposure to writing, politics, technology, and film have all contributed to the exciting and terrifying life I lead as an entrepreneur in New York’s Silicon Alley.

After graduating from Princeton, I dabbled in screenwriting and acting, and considered a path in politics. I wrote consistently, and I started to learn how to play the piano. Rather selfishly, I avoided a stable salary for fear that it might soften my appetite for entrepreneurship. I developed applications on the side in an incubator of sorts that a classmate and I opened - one of them grabbed my attention. After a period of brainstorming, we decided to co-found a tech startup, and have since raised funding.

I decide my schedule every day and I channel my artistic side both into spinning the wheels of creation and to dodging the madness that comes with bringing an idea to sustainable life. I revel in the knowledge, the absurdity, and the human rawness that each new day brings – I can’t seem to get enough.